Israel DMW Covers Face of Davido’s Former Lawyer in Groomsmen Photo


The highly anticipated wedding of Afrobeats singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, and his wife Chioma, finally took place. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the event, one particular incident caught the attention of netizens: Israel DMW, Davido’s logistics manager and loyalist, blurred out the face of Bobo Ajudua, the singer’s former lawyer, in a groomsmen photo.

On his Instagram page, Israel DMW shared pictures of himself, Davido, and the groomsmen. However, he deliberately obscured Bobo Ajudua’s face with a spot of blue ink. The move unsettled netizens, who wondered about the reason behind Israel’s behavior. After all, Bobo Ajudua and Davido may no longer be working together, but they still maintained a good relationship. In fact, Davido personally invited Bobo to join his groomsmen for the wedding.

Social media erupted with reactions. Fans questioned Israel’s decision to cover Bobo’s face, especially since the former lawyer had been an integral part of Davido’s team. Some even compared Israel to Bobo, emphasizing that the lawyer had made it onto the groomsmen list while Israel did not. The blurred photo circulated widely, sparking debates and discussions across various platforms.

Bobo Ajudua’s relationship with Davido goes beyond professional ties. Despite their professional split, they remained on good terms. When Davido extended the invitation to Bobo to be part of the wedding, it seemed like a gesture of friendship and acknowledgment of their shared history. However, Israel’s action raised eyebrows and led to speculation about underlying tensions within the circle.

Israel DMW, whose real name is Israel Afeare, has been a staunch supporter of Davido. As the logistics manager, he plays a crucial role in organizing events, managing schedules, and ensuring smooth operations for the singer. However, his decision to obscure Bobo Ajudua’s face in the groomsmen photo suggests a deeper narrative—one that fans are eager to decipher.

In leaked chats that went viral on Instagram, someone identified as “iammaincity” accused Israel of causing the split between Davido and his former lawyer. While the exact details remain undisclosed, the chat hinted at tensions behind the scenes. Israel was also criticized for involving himself in matters beyond his purview. Fans speculated that his actions might have consequences, especially given the emotional context of a wedding.

As the wedding festivities continue, the blurred photo remains a talking point. Israel DMW’s decision to cover Bobo Ajudua’s face raises questions about loyalty, friendships, and the dynamics within Davido’s inner circle. Whether this incident will have lasting repercussions or fade into the background remains to be seen. For now, netizens dissect the photo, searching for clues and meanings behind the inked-out face of Davido’s former lawyer.

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