Delving into SZA’s Revelation: The Innocent ‘Childish’ Romance with Drake


Singer-songwriter SZA, a.k.a Sólana Imani Rowe, has come out to clear the air about her brief romantic involvement with mega-popstar Drake. Recently, media outlets set ablaze with speculations citing a previous romantic engagement between the two music stars. The reports originated from Drake’s lyrics in his collaborative single, ‘Mr. Right Now’, where the Canadian rapper claims he ‘used to date SZA back in ’08’. This claim has led to an outpouring of comments, conjectures, and a media frenzy, causing SZA to revisit this chapter of her past in her recent interviews.

In an effort to put an end to speculative media reports, the critically-acclaimed artist confirmed the past relationship, albeit labeling it as ‘completely innocent’, ‘so childish’, and a ‘lovely experience’ (Leap, 2020). Nevertheless, she clarified the timeline error in Drake’s lyrics, stating that the encounter didn’t take place in ’08’ as Drake’s words suggested, but rather a couple of years later.

Born in 1989, SZA would have been 17 or 18 back in 2008, making Drake’s account potentially concerning. However, SZA’s transparency has been appreciated by fans who had previously voiced concerns over the age discrepancy implied in Drake’s lyrics.

SZA, who is currently signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and has collaborated with notable artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and of course, Drake, has usually been guarded about her personal life. However, acknowledging the widespread interest and media speculation, she took to her official Twitter account to set the record straight.

In her tweets, SZA expressed that she just wanted to clarify the situation and highlighted that she has always had utmost respect for Drake as an artist. She does not have any hard feelings about the revelation in Drake’s song. Instead, she viewed it as a somewhat ‘comical’ situation, particularly given the misunderstanding of the year their relationship took place. She also expressed her fond memories of the friendship they shared and expressed her desire to move on from the incident.

While SZA’s public comments have brought about some clarity and calmed the media furore to a certain extent, they also serve as a reminder of the intense scrutiny that artists in the limelight face. In the modern age of social media and internet news, celebrities’ personal lives often receive as much attention as their professional accomplishments.

What initially seemed to be a disconcerting revelation in Drake’s lyrics turned out to be a rather innocent, short-lived romance, which SZA reflects upon with a sense of fondness. As SZA herself has emphasized, the whole episode was ‘completely innocent’ and ‘childish’ – two young individuals navigating the music industry and the turbulent sea of early romantic experiences (Timberlake, 2020).

Celebrity relationships can often create a media maelstrom, especially when details are revealed years later. However, it’s heartening to see that in this instant case, there are no hard feelings. SZA, comfortable in her own journey and achievements, can look back on an early relationship with positivity rather than regret. It is evident that she is more focused on setting the record straight and clearing any misunderstandings, rather than perpetuating the age-old culture of celebrity gossip and drama.

Her mature response has further reaffirmed her image as a public figure who is unfazed by rumors and stays true to herself. As the dust settles on this situation, it’s clear that SZA’s primary focus is on her music. With her long anticipated second album, fans are eagerly waiting to witness more of her lyrical brilliance and soulful music.

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