About Us


Buzzysound is an independent information platform created for enlightenment about the latest exiting facts happening around  the world. The establishment of Buzzysound as an independent information platform was in response to the yearning of the audience living around the globe for an information  platform that will among other things:

* Give an alternative medium of communication to the audience and the people around them ;
* Accommodate unlimited information;
* Inform and enlighten the general public on the latest gist happening around them;

Buzzysound bias for information has placed it well above other competitors in the information blog industry. Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering fresh information Content to everyone around the globe. Buzzysound covers almost all Facet of Life ranging from; gist, Music, Entertainment News, Information, Educational News, etc.


  • Landlord

    Landlord is the co-founder and content editor at buzzysound.com who love to explore the latest happening around the world. He shares most of his exploration on this platform. He studies Computer Science. Landlord likes it when you jump in the conversation by commenting and also sharing it with friends. There is a lot more to know about Age when you see him One On One.