Seun Kuti Reveals Reason Behind His Dad’s 27 Brides in One Day


Seun Kuti, the renowned afrobeats singer and son of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, recently shed light on the motivations behind his father’s historic marriage to 27 women in a single day. In 1978, Fela made this unconventional decision as a deliberate attempt to protect the reputation and dignity of the women who worked with him.

At the time, the media subjected Fela’s female dancers and band members, who lived with him, to intense scrutiny and labeled them as “prostitutes.” To preserve their honor, Fela asked these women if they would formalize their relationships with him through marriage, and they all agreed. Thus, the mass wedding took place, serving as a bold move against the negative attention they were receiving. Seun Kuti’s revelation sheds light on this fascinating chapter in Fela’s life and underscores the complexities of his legacy.

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