You will never understand music money’ – Shallipopi


Up-and-coming singer, Shallipopi sheds light on how profitable the music industry is while describing the returns as that from ritual practices.

In a recent interview on Zero Conditions podcast, the ‘Elon Musk’ singer was asked how he copes with balancing his income and expenditures amongst demanding family and friends.

How do you find a balance between giving to family members, saving for yourself and knowing when to draw the line?” the show host asked.

In response, Shallipopi revealed that music returns are very bountiful in such a way that his pocket can never run down no matter how much he gives out.

He stated that he never knew how profitable it was until this year following his hit singles.

“You will never understand music money. Music money is like ritual, there’s too much money in music that you cannot understand at all. Even if you’re a artiste that came out in one month and your song is just big, no worry.

Me now, I no dey balance anything; if my family request, I dey give because I know that, the music will not stop. Even if I stop singing, the music I’ve dropped will continue giving me money,” he concluded.

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