A Filmmaker’s Inside Look: Paying N250,000 for Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Wande Coal to Perform in 2010


In 2010, a renowned filmmaker made the strategic decision to invest N250,000 to secure performances by music icons Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Wande Coal. This decision is interesting to reflect on today, given the increased recognition and commercial value these artists enjoy. The filmmaker’s foresight and calculated approach yielded significant advantages that extend beyond mere financial gain.

At the time, the Nigerian entertainment sector was undergoing significant shifts. Indigenous music was growing increasingly influential over the populace, prompting industry stakeholders to adjust their operations to align with these changing trends. The filmmaker’s move to secure the performances of Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Wande Coal in 2010 showed an acute understanding of these dynamics.

His selection of artists was strategic and purposeful. Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Wande Coal represented emerging talents within the Nigerian music scene. Their dynamic Afropop sound resonated with the youth, offering alternate narratives that differed from mainstream Western music. Their performances represented a tactical investment, creating a platform that effectively engaged with the intended audience.

The filmmaker reportedly invested N250,000 for the artists’ performances, a substantial amount considering the prevailing economic conditions. However, his investment in their talent and potential anticipated their future successes in both their individual careers and the global music industry. Over the years, as these artists’ star power has increased, the cost for their performances has also skyrocketed, dramatically outpacing the initial N250,000 investment.

The strategic appeal to engage these artists reflects the broader industry strategies that have become essential in the subsequent years. Recognizing the potential of emerging artists and investing in their talent essentially functions as an endorsement – signaling confidence in their ability and potential to the wider industry and fans.

Moreover, the filmmaker’s move represented a notable venture into music as a complementary aspect of the moviemaking process. Getting high-profile artists to perform created a special kind of synergy between music and film that amplified the impact of both.

Reflecting on these decisions can serve as a lesson in the importance of foresight, dynamism, and embracing change. As with all visionary leaders and entrepreneurs, the filmmaker exhibited an uncanny ability to anticipate shifts in the market, recognize talent, make substantial investments at the right time, and reap the rewards.

The rise of Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Wande Coal underlines the strength and growth of the Nigerian music scene over the past decade. Their global success stories and the filmmaker’s strategic foresight provide not only a testament to the value of investing in talent but also a blueprint for the future direction of the industry.

Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back, the filmmaker’s move in 2010 emerged as a brilliant example of capitalizing on the shifting dynamics in the Nigerian music scene, instigating a progressive trend of film and music collaborations.

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