Cardi B’s Stance: Preferring Birkins Over Rental Properties as Gifts


Rapper and social media sensation, Cardi B, known for her bold lyricism and unapologetic personality, recently expressed an interesting preference when it comes to receiving gifts: Hermès Birkin bags over rental properties. This declaration arose as a surprise for many because of the enduring value of property investments compared to the vagaries of the fashion market.

The controversy started when Cardi B, a Grammy Award-winning artist, shared on her Instagram a handful of Birkin bags she received as a Mother’s Day gift. Her admirers celebrated her luxurious haul. However, some critics questioned the prudence of such extravagant presents, suggesting that investment properties would have been a wiser choice (Douglas, 2021).

To provide context, Birkin bags by Hermès are exclusive luxury items often priced between $9,000 to $500,000, depending on material and embellishments. The bags are recognized for their exclusivity and status symbol in the fashion world (Reuters, 2021). On the other hand, rental properties, while not as glamorous, are generally perceived as a much more practical and stable long-term investment.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer didn’t let this critique go unchallenged. She posted a response on social media saying, “I know a good investment when I see one. If I’m going to spend $500,000 on a gift, I want it to be a Birkin bag, not a rental property.” Cardi B explained that in her high-flying lifestyle, often influenced by rap culture, a Hermès Birkin carries more than just financial value. It’s about status, image, and showing an extravagant lifestyle (Instagram, 2021).

While Cardi B’s preference might seem unreasonable to some, considering the potential profitability and equity building of real estate investments, it’s important to bear in mind the unique dynamic of her career and public image. For the Bronx-born rapper, having a Birkin bag could significantly boost her fashion credibility and social status, fitting perfectly with her image. After all, the music and fashion industries are intrinsically linked, and the presence of luxurious brands is part and parcel of the hip-hop culture (NPR, 2021).

In conclusion, the debate around Cardi B’s preference for Birkins over rental properties as gifts serves as a telling commentary on the intersection of celebrity, wealth, and perceptions of value. While some may argue for the tangible advantages of real estate investment, others understand the symbolic and cultural importance of high-status fashion items. Amidst the discussion, one thing remains clear – Cardi B’s unapologetic self-expression continues to dominate the conversation.

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