Drake Equates Michael Jackson’s Billboard Hot 100 Milestone


In 2020, Canadian rapper, Drake, reached a monumental milestone when he tied with Michael Jackson for the most No.1 records on the Billboard Hot 100. With this achievement, the contemporary artist places himself along with the iconic figure – a testament to his substantial influence on the modern music scene.

The Billboard Hot 100 is an essential chart in the music industry, serving as an authoritative measure of a song’s popularity in the United States. A No. 1 ranking is pursued and prized by artists globally, signifying both commercial achievement and widespread recognition. Michael Jackson, acclaimed for his remarkable music career and enduring hits, attained this feat 13 times. Drake, equally remarkable in his music, has emulated Jackson’s achievement, earning him a spot alongside one of pop music’s biggest legends.

The Toronto-born superstar achieved this notable feat with the single “Tootsie Slide.” This catchy tune, well-known for its dance-narrative lyrics, climbed swiftly to the No.1 spot after its release, marking Drake’s 13th chart-topping number on the Hot 100. It’s worth mentioning that half of Drake’s No. 1s are songs where he is the lead artist, emphasizing his commendable role in carving a unique and resonating sound in the music industry.

Drake’s first appearance at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 was in 2010 with his song “What’s My Name,” a collaboration with Rihanna. Since then, the Grammy-winning rapper’s career has ascended rapidly, with successive hits and No.1 records marking his decade-long journey. His diversified style, ranging from hip-hop and R&B to dancehall influences, mirrors the versatility of Michael Jackson, who skillfully blended pop, rock, and R&B into a unique musical identity.

Despite the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson’s personal life, his artistic brilliance remains indisputable. Although Drake operates in a different era, marred by hyper-connectivity and digital music consumption, his path is similarly paved with musical ingenuity and commercial success.

In closing, Drake and Michael Jackson are noteworthy figures who have significantly impacted the music industry. The fact that Drake now shares a record with the King of Pop underscores his colossal standing in contemporary music. As we look forward to more hits from the Canadian artist, it’s worth appreciating the remarkable achievement that unites these two music icons.

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