Latto Addresses Why She Mentioned Coi Leray’s Dad In New Verse


The rap world is no stranger to misunderstandings and controversies. Recently, one has emerged in connection to rising rapper, Latto (formerly known as Mulatto). The issue in question is her recent verse in which she name-dropped the father of Coi Leray, another up-and-coming artist in the American hip-hop scene. The incident, as expected, has sparked intrigue and speculation among fans of both artists.

Latto, celebrated for her bold lyrics, pushed the envelope in her recently released track. She strategically included a line mentioning Coi Leray’s father, Benzino, a well-known name in the hip-hop industry. Benzino, a former co-owner of the influential hip-hop magazine ‘The Source,’ is also a noteworthy musician and television personality.

The exact line that stirred the controversy was, “Schoolyard to the rap game, how I bully plays/ Tell your daddy I said Benzino still ain’t got no neck”. This verse undeniably referenced Benzino, known for his lack of neck as per popular sentiment, sparking several debates among rap enthusiasts.

This move by Latto led to numerous assumptions about a potential feud between her and Coi Leray, with fans eager to understand the hidden message behind the lines. In an attempt to address these speculations and provide clarity, Latto took to her social platform to explain her stance.

Latto adamantly stressed that the line was not meant to disrespect Coi Leray in any direct or indirect manner. She proposed that it was merely a classic example of playing the dozens – a practice popular in the hip-hop and larger African American community, where participants exchange witty, improvisational jibes or insults. The intention is never to offend but to engage in a friendly, competitive banter.

Latto added that her rap game involves deliberately pushing boundaries and being cunningly clever, which is why the intended humor in her verse was misconceived. She has always respected and admired Coi Leray as a fellow artist, implying that causing any personal harm was not on her agenda. Meanwhile, Leray has yet to officially react or comment on the controversy.

While it’s common for hip-hop artists to throw subtle digs at each other, this move by Latto has sparked unique conversations about respect and personal boundaries among peers, further reflecting the diverse narratives within the genre. The situation serves as a reminder that words and their interpretation possess immense power, especially in an influential landscape such as hip-hop. As the saga unfolds, fans hope that any potential animosity will be set aside in favor of unity and respect within the industry.

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