Summer Walker Announces “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)” Featuring Tyla, Tink, and Victoria Monét


The dynamic R&B artist Summer Walker has recently announced the release of a remix of her popular song “Girls Need Love.” The remix, termed “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix),” will feature notable contemporaries in the music industry, namely, Tyla, Tink, and Victoria Monét. Widely celebrated for her sleek tones and emotive lyricism, Summer’s decision to collaborate with these gifted artists promises an assembly of diverse musical talent within a unique remix.

Released originally in the year 2018, “Girls Need Love” quickly became an anthem of empowerment and self-expression for women across the globe. Its candid discussion of female desire and independence resonated deeply with listeners, propelling it to immense popularity. Now, Summer Walker aims to revitalize the number with an unbeatable trio of skilled artists, each bringing their unique sounds to the mix.

Tyla, the renowned pop singer and songwriter, is widely recognized for her distinct tonal versatility that combines soulful vocals with a touch of edgy pop. As a promising rising star, Tyla’s contribution to the “Girls Mix” brings anticipation and excitement among fans. Meanwhile, Tink, distinguished for her adept melding of R&B and hip-hop, will likely deliver rhythmically engaging verses that complement Walker’s dreamy vocals.

The final addition to this collaboration is none other than Victoria Monét, known for her distinguished R&B sound and her songwriting contributions to numerous chart-topping hits. Victoria’s sophisticated lyricism and melodic sensibility will undoubtedly add depth to “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)”.

The announcement of “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)” adds to the robust year Summer Walker has already been enjoying. With a number of nominations and awards under her belt, the artist continues to make significant strides in the music industry. The inclusion of Tyla, Tink, and Victoria Monét in her remix ensures a vivacious blend of unique and empowering voices in a single track.

“Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)” is expected to hit the digital platforms soon, and there is palpable anticipation from fans worldwide who are eager to see how these four trailblazing women will transform the original song. If the track’s popularity and the immense talent of these artists is any indication, fans are in for a celebration of womanhood and a bold, creative remix.

With the release of “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix),” Summer Walker continues her creative journey of lending her voice to themes of female empowerment and self-expression. With the diverse addition of Tyla, Tink, and Victoria Monét, we anticipate an exciting blend of sounds and an amplified narrative of the female experience in the music industry.

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