Celebrating or Unaware? Omah Lay’s Happiness Divides Fans


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Stanley Omah Didia, known professionally as Omah Lay, recently shared his happiness with fans. In a recent post, he expressed gratitude with the caption: “Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy.” This statement comes after a controversial incident where he danced with someone else’s girlfriend during a concert in the UK, leaving her boyfriend in a state of shock.

Social media users have responded with mixed feelings. Some fans playfully teased him, while others expressed concern about the impact of his actions on relationships. Here are some reactions:

  • @OlaseniFeyisayo: “ANOTHER MAN’S BABE IS MAKING YOU HAPPY? You deserve SOSO at this point.”
  • @bigwizarrdd: “After you don spoil person relationship, sha put am for your next song. Make we vibe abeg.”
    • @3ffizzzyy: “You wan happy after you don make another man rethink hin love life?”
  • Omo neva happy ohhh: “Give us more heartbreak song.”
  • @Dammy__Drey: “You’re happy ke, who go con dey sing sad heartbreak songs for us?”
  • @SCXenocide: “You still haven’t apologized to the people you hurt? You’re such a wicked soul.”
  • @iamBolaji123: “Sha no near my babe. Wo that happiness go disappear sharp sharp.”

Omah Lay’s music has also been labeled as “Afro-depression” by some fans, but he remains unfazed, emphasizing that as long as fans enjoy his music, he doesn’t mind the tags. Whether celebrating or unaware, Omah Lay continues to make waves in the music industry.

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