Twin OBO Levels Up: Davido Lookalike Celebrates New Maybach


Twin OBO, a popular influencer and strikingly similar to Davido, has made a significant upgrade by acquiring a brand-new Maybach. He shared his excitement on social media, posting photos of the gleaming white Maybach alongside his trusty old Mercedes Benz. The celebration was palpable as netizens joined in to congratulate him on this impressive addition to his garage.

In one of his posts, Twin OBO wrote, “Congratulations on my new Maybach added to my garage.” He also humorously mentioned that the Maybach’s V18 engine consumes quite a bit of fuel, playfully thanking fellow influencers and friends who supported him in this achievement.

It’s heartwarming to see Twin OBO celebrating his success, and we wish him many more exciting moments with his luxurious new ride!

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