Davido Educates Kai Cenat on Nigerian Culture


In a delightful exchange, Afrobeats singer Davido took it upon himself to educate American YouTube streamer Kai Cenat about Nigerian culture. During their conversation, Davido shared insights about the tribes in Nigeria.

He confidently stated that Nigeria has three major tribes:

  1. Yoruba: His father’s tribe.
  1. Benin (Edo): His mother’s tribe.
  1. Igbo: The tribe his wife, Chioma, hails from.

Davido emphasized that where one’s father is from becomes their area of origin. While there are indeed over 300 tribes in Nigeria, he chose to highlight these three as the ones he personally knows. Fans had mixed reactions, with some appreciating his simplified explanation and others playfully suggesting additional tribes.

It’s heartwarming to see cultural exchanges like this, bridging gaps and celebrating diversity.

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