Grammy Joy at Home: Davido Surprised by Nomination with Wife


Superstar Davido disclosed that he got informed about his Grammy nomination while spending time with his wife.

Davido who is a first-time Grammy Award nominee featured in a four-question Q&A session before the 66th Grammy Awards, which will take place on February 4 at Arena in Los Angeles.

Even though this is his first nomination, it was reported that 13 years ago, during an interview with Eye on Africa in Paris, Davido said he should have won as many as 20 Grammy Awards.

Davido is a three-time nominee at the 2024 Grammy Awards. His most recent album, “Timeless,” is one of these nominees for Best Global Album.

The interviewer asked, “Where were you when you learned you were nominated?”

When the nomination was announced, Davido claimed to have been at home, where he had breakfast and showered in the restroom.

He went on, telling Asa Asika, his manager, that he was in the room with his wife Chioma, who was the first person he contacted. His album friends then informed his followers of the development on social media.


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