Terry Tha Rapman Blames Wizkid for the Decline of Rap Music


Nigerian rapper Terry Tha Rapman has pointed fingers at Wizkid, the Grammy-winning singer, for the decline of rap music.

Terry Tha Rapman alleges that Wizkid’s recent statements on social media, where he distanced himself from being an Afrobeats artist, have contributed to the genre’s downfall.

In response to Wizkid’s declaration that “rap is dead,” Terry Tha Rapman now suggests that Wizkid is attempting to do the same to Afrobeats.

He even warns Highlife musicians to be cautious, hinting that they might be the next target of Wizkid’s influence. Terry Tha Rapman humorously quips, “First rap, now Afrobeats. How many genres does Wizkid want to kill? Highlife, beware!”.

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