Vector’s Response to MI Abaga’s Statement


Vector, the Nigerian rapper, has expressed his disagreement with MI Abaga’s assertion that South African rappers are outperforming their Nigerian counterparts. In his 2017 track titled “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives,” MI Abaga criticized Nigerian rappers for “underperforming” and claimed that South African rappers were “killing” them. However, Vector considers this statement a “super lie” and finds it disrespectful.

During a Cool FM interview, Vector emphasized that while it’s acceptable to critique fellow rappers, publicly labeling an entire region’s rappers as inferior is inappropriate. He highlighted the cultural differences between Nigeria and South Africa, where hip-hop has gained broader acceptance. In Nigeria, fans typically ask where they can download music, while in South Africa, they inquire about purchasing it. Vector believes that MI Abaga’s sweeping statement oversimplifies the complex dynamics of the music industry in both countries.

Vector’s response challenges the notion that South African rappers are universally superior and underscores the need for respectful dialogue within the music community.

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